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First appearance of contents

  • Palepoli : Monthly GARO (Seirindo) from September 1994 issue to May 19996 issue, except October 1994, December 1995, February, March, April 1996 issues. 2 colored pages are newly drawn for this book
  • Deatch Comi : Responsible edited by Hisashi Eguchi, COMIC CUE(East press)vol,2 Cover version special 1996
  • USAMARU THEATER : Engeki book (theater book) (Engeki book co.) From August 1995 to June 1996 (no title)
  • ARU AI NO AKASHI (One of proof of love) : Unpublished work (*1)
*1 : Only Ohta Publishing edition

Book data

Palepoli / Seirindo / ISBN : 4792602726 / 1300 yen
Cover illustration & design : Usamaru Furuya

First edition. Hard cover.
Title characters and frame are embossed.
Title of book body was composed by 2 page. One page has only Cupid's wing, and another has Cupid.
The same illustration was reused as an cover of anthology Secret Comics Japan.

Palepoli / Seirindo / ISBN : 4792603161 / 980 yen + tax
Cover illustration : Usamaru Furuya
Cover Design : D

Revised edition. Soft cover.
Cover illustration is a clipping work from first edition. Original illustration of front cover is used as wallpaper of copyright page and illustration of back cover (Takashi) is used as the last page of the book. Both pages are black and white.
Title of book body was composed by 2 page. One page has only Cupid's wing, and another has Cupid.
The page of Cupid's wing in a tilte of first edtion was removed.
Author's afterword is printed on the book body, means under the cover.

Palepoli / Ohta Publishing Co. / ISBN : 4872337492 / 1000 yen + tax
Cover illustration : Usamaru Furuya
Cover Design : Usamaru Furuya, Hiroshi Niigami+Megumi Nohnin (

Revised edition from new company. Soft cover.
Newly includes unpublished manga "The proof of love", he draw befor his debut under the name of Tsuyoshi(?) Furuya.
Revival of cover illustration & design and new author's afterword. Title of book body was composed by color printed angel and black and while printed angel.
Illustration on the reverse of the front cover of the first edition was separated and reallocated into reverse of the front cover and back cover, each. Illustration on the reverse of the back cover of the first edition was printed on the surface of book body, means under the cover.

Palepoli / ; (semicolon corp.) / ISBN : 978-89-8371-384-1 / 8000 Won
28 November 2008

Hangeul edition. A5 size. Soft cover
Based on Ohta Publishing's new edition but Aru Ai no Akashi (The proof of love) is eliminated.
Golden parts of cover illustration were changed to silver. Edge color was changed to red. Omote1 - 4 of book were inserted as a top page as Omote2 (p.1), Omote1 & 4 (p2, p3), Omote3 (p4). The angel in color print at the top page was eliminated. This edition starts from mono colored angel page.
Many foot print notation werw added.

The meaning of advertisement band is as follows (translated by Kim-san. Thanks!)
advertisement band (front):
Selected in "Must read before you die 50 mangas" (funny Japanese manga odyssey)
Serialized in the legendary manga magazine "Garo"
Usamaru Furuya's most powerful and the best debut work!
Overwhelming techniques and sophisticated and incisive sense of humor!!

advertisement band (back):
Attention F Sales to people under the age of 19 are banned!
Humorless, inflexible person should avoid this book!
This manga over the bounds of common sense.

Decryption of ciphered afterword

Authors afterword was written as ancient Palepoli letters. Decryption of ciphered afterwords are as follows;

First edition


Four-frame cartoons which 2 years ago are drawn for the first time became the acceptance work, and before I knew it, they are regularly serialized in magazine, and now all drawn pages became this book without any pages are dropped.

Tezuka sensei was said to be drawn 1000 pages of manuscripts for his 400 pages cartoon Kitarubeki Sekai (Upcoming world). That's God of Manga. The scale is different from the bourgeois like me.

In Palepoli, though they are four-fram cartoons, I wanted to together each peace into the world filled with malices, irreligions, parodies or delusions and would face to ruin gradually. But, I was not good enough to do. The method of ending might have been force one.

In Death Comi, I could draw them very peasantly so that I could openly draw parody. Appreciates goes to Eguchi sensei who gave me a chance.

Lastly the people of the reader, everyone especially who deciphers this ancient Palepoli letter, thank you. Also Chikao Shiratori who accepted every selfishnesses of mine, and Tanabe who had supported, thank you so much!

Usamaru Furuya

Revised edition

Afterwords revised edition

First edition of Palepoli was so luxurious making that they knew the more they sells, the more they lost. What a loveable company, Seirindo, because they notice it after they made the books for 4 years from first edition!

Usamaru Furuya

Ohta publishing edition


I am extremely pleased with re-released Palepoli from Ohta Publishing Co.
This is my debut work.
It was one and a half year of joys and sorrows. because almost the first time I had ever drawn manga.
While drawing it, I prepared even the death when I finished.
I poured everything of vigor into this book.
Therefore I love this manga and I think this manga itself is even one miracle.
I thought I was happy and glad to be alive, because I just could send this book out to the world.
I feel ashamed to blow my own horn, but I confessed honestly because none reading here.
This time, Oka-san of Ohta Publishing Co. helped me so much. thank you.
And you, who deciphered this letter, I love you.

Usamaru Furuya

Reference Articles

Jinzou Ningen Bidaisee (artificial droid Mr. Art Student) (p.127) was drawn with my mixed emotions. We (Note: Usamaru Furuya was Art scrool student) might have seeked the most sophisticated one, so if we gather together, we begun to exchange of criticism like a summary of student movements. We didn't have prospect after our graduation, and we had assumed that we could not alive without
this closed community.
From Monthly magazine Bijutsu Techou (art handbook) February 2006 issue

Mitomerareta Asobi (Unforbidden Play) included in Wsamarus 2001

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- announcement of forthcoming Palepoli from Ohta publishing

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