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Other Works

Compiled other works than comic books including interviews, book covers or jackets. Prepared another special pages for large volume works.

mixi (SNS)

- Usamaru Furuya delivering many information by himself. You can see pictures or scripts in "Photo Album".


- Usamaru-san's blog. Also you can see scripts, latest idea and various "family restaurant".
Usagi * Hitori Club

Diary on the Web

- Usamaru Furuya' pi diary - Splits author diary

Interview / Diaglogue

- Usamaru Furuya Interview for PULP magazine(viz communications Inc.)
26 January 2000 / interviewed by Chikao Shiratori

Japanese Edition
#1 Palepoli Was Only the Front Door to Expression in Manga
#2 From abstraction to concrete
#3 Otaku supports Japanese economy. Child porn control bill stalls Japan.

Engish Edition translated by Andy Nakatani

Part I Palepoli Was Only the Front Door to Expression in Manga
Part II The Underbelly of an Artistic Touch
Part III The Conclusion

- Usamaru Furuya X Suna dialogue - We are feeling something different about manga
October 2000

Vol. 1 :
Vol. 2 :
Vol. 3 :

- Eveyone like breasts, right?
2003 / Text by Kensaku Saguchi

- Dialogue : Miako Tadano X Usamaru Furuya
H@Vol.60@(April 2003) rockin'on

- Usamaru Furuya interview - Voice from Character Designers!
2004 / Text by Tsuyoshi Itoh (manga critic)

- Usamaru Furuya : Compassion for Art, compassion for Manga
Monthly magazine Bijutsu Techou (art handbook) February 2006 issue. Bijutsu Shuppan-sha, Ltd.
Editorial special "Is manga art? Direction of evolving manga description", his inteview and atelier
studio coverage.
Coverage, Text by Motohisa Nishino / Photo by Yoshiharu Watanabe

- Dialogue : Usamaru Furuya X Otsuichi Making of Syonen Syojo Hyoryuki
Monthly magazine SHOSETSU SUBARU (Novel Subaru)

- Special dialogue for new comic book on sale: Kanojo wo mamoru 51 no houhou (51 ways to protect your lover) Diaglogue : Usamaru Furuya X Rosa Kato
Weekly Comic Bunch Vol.41 (22 September 2006 issues)

- DIALOGUE Lucile Hadzihalilovic, director of Ecole X Usamaru Furuya
SWITCH Oct. 2006, Switch Publishing Co. Ltd. CINE SCOOP Welcome to Utopia Ecole
Text by Asako Inoue
Among 6 pages, it occupies 2 pages.

- Kanojo wo mamoru 51 no houhou New chapter "Roppongi" beginning special tripartite talks @ Usamaru Furuya's studio Minoru Watanabe X Meguru Ishii X Usamaru Furuya
Weekly Comic Bunch Vol.46 (13 Oct 2006 issues)
Coverage, Text by Naoto Tonsho / Photo : UME
3 pages in black and white

- Kanojo wo mamoru 51 no houhou New chapter "Roppongi" beginning special Part.2 special talks Usamaru Furuya (Cartoonist) X Megurui Ishii (Disaster prevention and crisis management journalist)"
Weekly Comic Bunch Vol.47 (20 Oct 2006 issues)
Coverage, Text by Naoto Tonsho / Photo : UME
1 page in black and white

- Shonen Shojo Hyoryuki memorial dialogue just before the selling! - Our words, who was the man of delusion, to confused boys and girls. Otsuichi v.s. Usamaru Furuya
Monthly novel magazine "Shosetsu Subaru"March 2007 issue (17 February on sale)

Book Covers

- Kureichi Matsuzawa Ero Ero ; Pot Shuppan ; ISBN: 4939015165 ; (1998/10)

Included in Wsamarus 2001
See also :

- Kureichi Matsuzawa FUN NYO TAN (manure girl(?)) ; SEIRINDO ; ISBN: 4792603005 ; (1999/04)

This cover illlustration was included in Wsamarus 2001. From its author's note, Matsuzawa was the first fun letter sender. He is the co-founder of Nakano TACO-che.
See also : Diary of Kureichi Matsuzawa

- The Mangaka Retsuden (the, Manga artist histories) ; Takarajimasha ; ISBN 4796694382 ; (1999/05)

Cover illustation (included in Wsamarus 2001), interview, manga in usual day (unconfirmed)

- Sahara Ikaruga, Yukisato Suwa, Vari Arita, Bronte Yuhka, Shikiko Yamaai, Toshihiro Suzuki Kagami aruiwa Olandt no Henshin (Mirror or the canges of Olandt) - Charles Perrault's original stories for children" Takeshobo ; ISBN 4812404983 ; (1999/08)

Cover illustration and book illustrations, which are included in Wsamarus 2001.

- Risaku Kiridoshi ARUASA, SEKAI WA SHINDEITA (One morning I found the world is dead) ; BUNGEISHUNJU ; ISBN: 4163570209 ; (2001/01)

Page of arthur :

- Hiroshi Mori FUIN site WA SHITEKI SHITEKI SHUKI - I Say Essay Everyday (Sealed sites are poetic and private papers) ; GENTOSHA ; ISBN: 4344404165 ; (2003/08)

Usamaru Furuya's original comic AMI TO MORI KUN (Ami and Mr. Mori) included.

- Syunichi Karasawa and Hyakuro Murasaki SHAKAIHA KUN GA YUKU! (Mr. Social goes! ...(?));jsessionid=AD5D1DD34E663CDD4CF120DEC55BD7E5?ser_id=8

SHAKAIHA KUN GA YUKU! (Mr. Social goes!) ; Aspect ; ISBN: 4757208804 ; (2001/11)

SHAKAIHA KUN GA YUKU! GEKIDOU HEN (Mr. Social goes! Turbulent edition) ; Aspect ; ISBN: 4757209622 ; (2003/03)

SHAKAIHA KUN GA YUKU! SHITOU HEN (Mr. Social goes! Combat edition) ; Aspect ; ISBN: 4757210183 ; (2004/02)

SHAKAIHA KUN GA YUKU! GYAKUSHU HEN (Mr. Social goes! Revenge edition) ; Aspect ; ISBN: 4757210973 ; (2004/12)

SHAKAIHA KUN GA YUKU! ISHIN HEN (Mr. Social goes! Restoration edition) ; Aspect ; ISBN: 4757212127 ; (2005/12)

Book Illustration

- Brenda Love Tondemo Chou Hen Tai Kei(Japanese edition of Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices)
/ Futami Shobo Publishing Co. / Translated by Ayumi Funatsu / Supervised by Shunichi Karasawa ; ISBN: 4576961837 ; (1996/12)

See also :

Magazine Covers

Weekly Young Sunday (Short Cuts) or Weekly Big Comic Spirits (pi) must have Usamaru Furuya's fine cover, though I unconfirmed.

- AKAI KIBA (Red Fungs)

AKAI KIBA 1 (Red Fungs 1) (????/?)

Usamaru Furuya's comic included

AKAI KIBA 2 (Red Fungs 2) (????/?)
AKAI KIBA 3 (Red Fungs 3) (????/?)
AKAI KIBA 4 (Red Fungs 4) (????/?)

All of them includs his comics, though I unconfirmed.

=> Detail Page

- manga erotics F

F VOL.33 (2005/5)

and F VOL.34(2005/7), F VOL.35(2005/9), F VOL.36(2005/11) includes RAICHI * HIKARI Club

- AX => Select ax tab.

AX Vol.12 (1999/12) :

Cover arts, front arts, long interview
This cover illustration is included in Wsamarus 2001. From its author's notes, Yumekana (included in Garden) was born from this work.

Ax Vol.37 (2004/2)
Dialogue & illust collaboration by Usamaru Furuya X Minoru Sugiyama

Movie / Video

- Gekko no Sasayaki (Moonlight Whispers)
1999. Movie based on the same title manga by Masahiko Kikuni. Usamaru-san drew illustration in the moive booklet( included in Wsamarus 2001).

- Utsushimi
1999. Directed by Sion Sono. Usamaru-san drew poster illustration included in Wsamarus 2001).

- HAIBANE RENMEI (Ash-Feather circle)
HAIBANE RENMEI COG.4 includes newly-written illustlated card (2003/12)
See also :

- ONE SHOT CINEMA : Short Cuts live-action version
2004. Online original short movie based on Short Cuts. 20 Stories. 50 yen / 1 story for 3 days view. 800yen for all stroies. Sample movie exists.

2005. Character design, script and storyboard of HIDAMARI NO UTA, One of 5 stories in omnibus movie based on the Otsuichi's.
See also :

- Ichiban Kireina Mizu (The most beautifu water)
Official site :
2006. Base story, poster.
Original author introduction:
Cast, Staff and introduction of the movie. Easy to understand thant official site.

Streamng Ad
-Hot news
-Press interview at completion
-Dialogue of main casts and the director

-Press interview landsape
-Press interview landscape(2) many photos


- Westbam
Never stop living this way / CD / BMJ Japan BVCP6109

included in Wsamarus 2001

- Morsof

DOOLITTLETAPES / DT-004 (2000/9) casette tape

HEAP - PONKOTSUSHA NO KYUDEN (In the court of the juncked car) MUSEA4524.AR/POSEIDON PRF-006 (2003/10) CD


- Penicillin
Hanazono Kinema (2002/09) CD avex IOCD-11025

No.53 (2002/10) CD avex IOCD-11027

- Hakuei
Samurai (2002/09) CD avex IOCD-11025

Magazine / Free Paper

Monthly free paper of WAVE (CD/Record chain) had Usamaru Furya's manga.

- 1 oku nin no manga rensa (Comic links of 100 million Japanese)
March 1998. Recruit Davinci editorial office. ISBN:4889915273
Usamru Furuya's collaboration without apology appeared (included in Wsamarus 2001)

- SPA 26 August 2003 issue
BIJO KENKYUJO (Beautiful lady research lab) : Riko Kurita X Usamaru Furuya

Movie Zoo public opening memorial dialogue Otsuichi vs Usamaru Furuya Midinight radio borns geniuses.

- quarterly magazine S Vol.6
includes Usamaru Furuya's ball joint paper doll

- ENGEKI book (theater book)
Usamaru Furuya is serilalising manga Fixed-point observation (as of 8 Januarya 2006)

Donki Kourin (Advent of blunt) (as of 8 January 2006)


- Spilog

"Why does he always rotate his pennis!?" by Hisashi Eguchi's BOXER KEN ... Model is Rio Yasuda, owner of Dario Records

More works

- Posts to magazine (likeness)

- wallpaintings in a preschool (unconfirmed)

- illustration of text book (process of photosynthesis, insects, etc.)

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