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Litchi Hikari Club

Litchi Hikari Club

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Book data

Litchi Hikari Club / Ohta Publishing Company / ISBN : 4778320174 / 1280yen + Tax
7 July 2006
Base story : Tokyo Grand Guignol Litchi Hikari Club (presided by Norimizu Ameya)
Cover Design : chutte

Soft cover A5 size 327 pages
Omote-1 and Omote4 under the cover have conduct code of Hikari Club. The same contents are printed in Hikari Club member certificate

<Second Edition>
(message from Usamaru-sensei at mixi)
Revised points from Litchi Hikari Club Second edition
- asked to adjust the color density, which was too dark at First edition.
- fixed a few points of scripts.



These images are taken from Usamaru-sensei's mixi page so that he page says "feel free to use them". Click each image to closeup.

- Cuts from comic book. Colored (in red) for mixi page, I think. Both Manga Erotics F, where it was first serialized, and comic book are monochrome page only.

- characters. cut and processed from comic book cover.

- Base illustration of Manga Erotics F vol.39 cover / Base illustration of comic book / "Jaibo Birthday Cake" for Usamaru-sensei's assistant.

Unpublished images and articles

Manga Erotics F(vol.33) serialization begun, cover illustration.

Manga Erotics F(vol.34) had the dialogues with Norimizu Ameya, presider of Tokyo Grand guignol. 10pages.

Manga erotics F(vol.39) serialization finished, cover illustration

Manga Erotics F(vol.40) had the side story of Litchi Hikari Club:Usual day of Mr. Tsunekawa and "Interview and 50 questions to Usamaru Furuya".


At the start of a new serialization of Litchi Hikari Club in Manga Erotics F, very large poster was created. 2 colors (Red and Black). Based on a cut at P010, Hikari Club member certificates are printed at the bottom. Not for sale and promotion only at some limited book shops.

About title

In Japanese title, white star is included between "Litchi" and "HIKARI".
At the beginning of sales, listed two Litchi Hikari Club, one was white star was included and another was black star was included. Soon, the Ohta Publishing company fixed it and apologied for it. Now, only white star version is listed.
See also : Manga Erotics F editor's diary at 26 June 2006 and 28 June 2006.

Tokyo Grand Guignol

Theatrical group presided by Norimizu Ameya at 1984. They settled on the subject matter of violence and blood, and are known for its aesthetic style. They staged totally four plays and broke up about 3 years later from grouping. Nevertheless, even now, really solid base audiences exsist.
1st "Mercuro" (first performance Nov. 1984) Metalman Mercuroid was born by interchanging Mercuro of hydrargyrum with internal blood.
2nd "Galatas" (first performance May. 1985) Based on Hiroshi Aramata's Teito Monogatari (Story about capital of empire), young man-type robot Kato collapses Tokyo.
3rd "Litchi Hikari Club" (first performance Dec. 1985) Boys who were the member of "Hikari Club" created the robot Litchi run on fruits litchies, stole one young girl.
4th "Walpurgis" (first performance Oct. 1986) Story of vampire wokeup at underground club "Walpurgis" accepts only blood of boys.
from Manga Erotics F Vol.34

Reference :
Manga Erotics F Vol.34 Very long special dialogue Usamaru Furuya v.s. Norimizu Ameya : From Litchi Hikari Club to Litchi * Hikari Club.
Wikipedia Tokyo Grand Guignol
Page about Tokyo Grand Guignol in Yamaneko Eisei Hakurankai Web site. You can see valuable photos.


At the begging of the book, boys are using German in Japanese katakana. Belows are the meaning of it and spelling in German. Thank you Usamaru-san for telling me the meaning of it. I did a search for spelling from the meanings. Also I got help from unknown people at the BBS board Please teach me German #19 at foreign languages category in 2 channel.(I noted by "*"). Thank you for all!

Die rechte Seite! / The right side!
Die linke Seite!! / The left side!
Die Hinterseite! / The rear side!
Verfolgung! / Pursuit!
befreie nicht! / Do not release!

Wir haben ihm [mistake of ihn] eingeholen[mistake of eingeholt]! (*) / We caught up him!
Eine Sackgasse! / Dead end!

Ich will nicht mehr! (*) / I want to have nothing more do with the man!
Wir wurden gesehen! / We were seen!
Der Stützpunkt! / The base!
Das [mistake of Der] Mann lädet eine Schuld auf sich! (*) / The man commited a crime!
Das Geheimnis! / The Secret!
Das Licht! / The Light!

Verbannt den Störenfried! (*) / Basnish the marplot!
Wir wollen bestrafen! / We want to punish!
Ermorde! / Murder!
Ermode den Mann! / Murder him!

Die Bestrafung! / The sanction!

Die strafe! / The punishment!

Die schönheit ist alles. / The beauty is everything!

Das Monstrum! / The monster!

Dentaku's instruction

The instruction entered from Dentaku's electronic calculator is based on Japanese code input type of pocket pager. Decoded results are as follows:

P064 : RA I CHI (Litchi)
P089 : HI TO NI NA RE (Be a Man)
P090 : (Reboot command) SE RA NI SHI KA RA RE RU (be rebuked by Zera)

Special items at signing event


July 1st 2006, At a signing event at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA. Every attendee recevied memorial manga (B4 size).

Nakano TACO che

July 8th 2006, At a signing event at Nakano TACO che. Attendee who are putting on school uniform for boy or sailor-style school uniform for girl could receive memorial goods directly from Usamaru-san. Goods are as follows:
(1) Litchi Hikari Club original "name" (draft of scripts and frames). A4 size, 2sheets, 4pages.
This is not copy! Really drawn by pencil!! These are base scripts of page 58 to page 61.

(2) Base materials for eah characters A4 size, 9pages

(3) Hikari Club member certificate (with Number and name signed by Usamaru-sensei) My number is 35.

(4) The event was limited only for 150 people. The number of prepared goods was 50. The real number of who were putting on school uniform or sailor-style school uniform was 58. It means 8 people could not receive the goods at that day, and they were mailed to their home later. In the sent package, except above goods, a letter to aplogize was included, and which have an illustration that Zera was saying "Usamaru must be executed of rose!!" and burried Usamaru into coffin. Uhhh, I want to get it!

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Drawing this manga made me so happy since my first view of Litchi 20 years before.
From : Usamaru-san's page at mixi

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- introduction at Ohta Publishing Company

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