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  • Ratai no Kigen (Origin of nude) ... COMIC CUE vol.4 collaboration special, December 1997 (East Press) Base Idea by Hiroshi Aramata
  • Tenshi no Fellatio (Angel's Fellatio) ... COMIC CUE vol.3 Porno special, December 1996 (East Press)
  • YUMEKANA ... MANGA EROTICS vol.4 January 2000 (Ohta Publishing Co.)
  • Umi kara kita Kikai (The machine came from the sea) ... COMIC CUE vol.7 Robot special, October 1999 (Eash Press) Cover version of Hideo Azuma's same title.
  • Tsuki no Syo (Book of the moon) ... COMIC CUE vol.5 Children special, October 1998 (Eash Press)
  • Egao de Sayonara (Good bye with a smile) ... DICE vol.26 Special: Love Is the Devil Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon 1998 (Uplink)
  • Emi chan ... Monthly Garo February 1997 issue - August 1997, irregular serialization (Seirindo)

Book data

Garden / East Press / ISBN : 4872572041 / 1111 yen + TAX
2 April 2000
Book Design : Seiichi Suzuki Design Room
Soft Cover A5 size 240 pages

Omote-1 and Omote-4 under the book cover have New Mother from Ratai no Kigen page.16

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Unpublished illustration of Emi chan
included in Wsamarus 2001

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DIALOGUE Lucile Hadzihalilovic, director of Ecole X Usamaru Furuya
SWITCH Oct. 2006, Switch Publishing Co. Ltd. CINE SCOOP Welcome to Utopia Ecole
In the dialogue, Usamaru-san mentioned "YUMEKANA", which was imagined from the movie.

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