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  • Naburare Fumare Soshite Sakuno wa Gekijou no Hana (trifled, trampled and flower of passion will be bloomed) ... Manga Erotics 2003(Ohta Publishing Co.)
  • Lolita 7 gou (Lolita 7th) ... Manga Erotics2001 Winter (Ohta Publishing Co.)
  • Akuma no Uta (Song of Devil) ... Monthly Comic Birz June 2002 issue (GENTOSHA COMICS INC.)
  • Moshimo (If) ... Comic.HVolume 4 (rockin'on inc.)
  • Happiness ... Monthly IKKI April 2004 issue
  • Kumo no Heya (Room of cloud) ... uMonthly IKKIfrom December 2004 issue to January 2005 issue
  • indigo-elegy ... uBig Comic Spirits extra number : Casualv15th November 2004 issue
  • Underground Doll ... Monthly IKKI March 2006 issue

Book data

Happiness / Shogakukan / ISBN : 4091883109 / 714yen + tax
1 March 2006
Cover Design : chutte

Soft cover B6 size 272 pages
Author's afterword is printed on the book body, means under the cover.

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Colledted short stories describes stifling sense of loss of teanaged boys and girls.
From : top page of Usamaru Furuya's at mixi

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