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1 May 2001
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  Welcome to Craig Thomas Unofficial Web Site, Tokyo!

On this site, you can get his Japanese book information. Even if you don't have any interest about when was Japanese Firefox published(1977, the same year!), you may have a fun at Japanese original fine cover arts, and can read some articles.

This site has only his Japanese book information. For other detail information such as his biography or original UK/US edition, please refer to the Links page. I highly recommend Jack's El Cheapo's CRAIG THOMAS THE UNOFFICIAL COMPANION, where I stole many idea/design from :-)

13 Sep 2004 : Dear reader "tobby" sent me a cover image and information about Moscow 5000 Japanese edition. Thank you so much!

02 Apr 2004 : I got another FireFox PACIFICA edition, which has credit "DIAMOND Inc." as selling agency.

30 Aug 2003 : I could get two "out-of-print" Firefox at Yahoo Auction. Both of them are PACIFICA editions, one has original cover, and another re-print edition has movie cover. I don't know whether the airplane drawn at original one is the real fighter (Mig?) or cover illustrator's imagination.


13 Feb 2003 : Cover Image of Sea Leopard hard cover edition's was added. I found it in local library.
The Index page of Jack's El Cheapo introduces cover art of "The Red Dove" by Derek Lambert.
Left image is Japanese edition of "The Red Dove".
Japanese Title : Shuttle BOUMEI KIDOU ("Shuttle's orbit of defection" ...?) 1984 Hayakawa Novels(hardcover) / Hayakawa Publishing, Inc.
Translator : Yoshinobu Tamura
Cover Art : Noboru Nonaka

Cover art is not so bad, but this Japanese title is ... :-(

21 Jan 2003 : The index page of Jack's web site was changed to http://uk.geocities.com/hindgunship/index.html.

14 Jan 2003 : Renewal Start! I changed my service provider to new one who offers unlimited disk spaces.
According to Jack's page, Craig wrote new novel!! Not yet, any detail information are shown, but it will be big news at the next book trade show. Which Japanese publishing company will get the translation rights?

6 July 2002 : Added images & info of Snow Falcon, Jade Tiger, and Firefox Down hard cover edition. I borrowed the books from the public library and scanned, because all of them are out of prints.


17 May 2002 : Open

8 March 2002 : Beta Version